Hiking Monserrate

To add another few hundred meters of altitude there’s the mountain Monserrate right next to the city center of Bogotá, promising a nice view over the city. With friends from my Spanish school I hiked up on Sunday morning as it is the most crowded day and therefore the safest time to go. There were quite a few clouds up and the smog destroyed the nice view but we had fun walking up and down 🙂

There were so many people going that we didn’t want to queue at the ticket office on top to get the cable car down and decided to walk again – there were a few too many walking though, it got really full. Reaching the bottom it started to rain heavily, we found a nice little restaurant, hidden behind lots of shops selling illegal copies of movies and had lots of fun ordering with our broken Spanish!

A few days ago I moved to a new place, staying with the exchange students I met in Viallicencio, living in Chapinero Central now (and having an own room and bathroom!).