Thursday evening six exchange students Juan met in Sweden and here in Bogotá came to our place, a van picked us and a cousin of Juan and Mona up and we went with a mini-bus to their parents place in Villavicencio.

Because Villavicencio is just about 400 meters above sea level while Bogotá is above 2.600 meters, we had a change of temperature: It got quite warm, the spontaneous heavy rain showers stayed. It was a weekend full of great food, Juan’s birthday party, visiting malls in the center, hanging at the pool, more photo lessons from Vincent and I also got a haircut. Seems like the episode of long hair ended, I don’t think I will go through that long, awful stage of growing hair again 🙂

On the way back Mona and another friend joined us on the bus, the luggage went onto the roof and 15 minutes after leaving we had to push the car as the battery died – but we made it home through the Andes again, sadly in the dark without seeing any mountains. It was a great weekend with great people!